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Everything But The Here And Now

by Happy Accidents

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Nunhead 02:36
When you say 'meet me by the cemetery' I think great cause some cliche's are necessary I know that song, though we were not around in the 80s Not so far gone, now Europe endless ended needlessly Meet by the cemetery Take some solace in the company I will go just where you you are And while the world is reversing in so many ways While we're here, we can block out the noise find our own space While I know that I'm safer than most, slightly ashamed I hope my friends can all find their own place away
Wait It Out 02:48
My inadequacy, it drips away So place a towel right under me Cause in that room I was not me I played a part, that was my last scene All I seem to be thinking bout is everything but the here and now Losing sight of the sights and sounds of everything that I care about Remain calm or at least for now Grit my teeth and just wait it out And staring at ceilings I bare in mind I've made these plans like at least three times I am on loop, long to break the tape But no one does anything any more these days
Photos on the wall are framed and full of naive glee, or so I'm told It's harder to believe I was that carefree When I spend so much time distracted With focus lost to static By how I'm gonna salvage the time I've lost to panic And I don't know who you think I am But I'm not sure you understand I'm working on a better plan To swim till I reach land Memories we have, both good and bad, are laced with several biases And just as I am now, yeah I still freak out And I spend all my time distracted Is this who I am?
Float 00:46
Every year now passes faster than the last Taking every chance i get to float into my past Of all the times to forget, can I request today? Not a choice I usually get to make
I've been meaning to speak what I mean cause It could be key to being happy Or is it nothing at all? Easy to say it in a song I've been actively acting positive Diluting the venom in my spit Tastes of Nothing at all Easy to say when nothings wrong And I've kept to myself all along You may have got me wrong Sketching an outline of what this could be One day lets fill ourselves in Act naturally I've been filling the cracks in my time by Slowly sinking in nobody's timeline Gaining nothing Feels like I've lived through this before When you ask me about my day will I Withdraw my best brave face, sign and Tell you something, meaning nothing Keep acting like there's nothing wrong But you kept to yourself all along I may have got you wrong
Free Time 03:32
I need more free time That would solve my problems I think to myself as I stare down the clock and I need more free time I'd be so productive I'd avoid boxsets that would be self destructive I need more free time But no do I really? I've said that before to end up bored and lonely I need more free time Someone stop me thinking like a protagonist This is not my story I need cause to see It's about more than me I need more free time It's been like three days I would have never guessed quite how quick I'd lose my mind I need more free time Free of feeling worthless Let me do anything Give me sense of purpose Something that I only think about from time to time Is pressing up against my skull and running down my spine I need an out, I need a break, can someone get me far away I haven't felt like this for years, or maybe months, or at least days Do I need something to relax, or just a drastic change of view A single stroke of luck to keep my face from knocking wood Or against fist, or against wall, or against anything at all In the days where I reflect can I expect to see much more? I am like this am I? This is who I am Catch myself in my reflection I am taken back I am like this am I? This is who I am I don't wanna feel like this forever will there be an end? I need more free time Gimme three day weeks I need more free time
It didn't take me long to see Those who talk loudest know the least But those that don't know what I know About my preferences are so vocal Though maybe these choices are for me, and just me You talk with so much certainty Of one straight line from A to B Bet you could get there so quickly If only I'd not chose to be so vocal Though maybe these choices are for me, and only me Think about, think again I'd like to like you Can we really still be friends with such different views? It happens every now and then Reminded who I could have been When will these expectations end? I understand you too can be so vocal Though maybe these choices are for me and only me
Unwind 03:23
Constantly shifting both body and mind Only when your mouth moves am I trying to fight it So what did you say, I only caught the last bit And will this affect us friends? The stories you tell I know well I might like I don't wanna be rude Grateful for the invite Though while you weave your web I'm distracted by light I guess we're not as close as back then I've gotten good at lots of things Though something as simple as speaking Is still beyond me though I find That everyones trying to hide what is really on their mind Finally focussing in on your story Since your tone implied your advice was important But really it's more of your self serving nonsense I'm less sure of you as a friend When we get back we'll unwind Share what's really on our minds
I walk home with headphones blaring Hope to hell that they aren't staring What's happening in their minds To make them act the way they might And I lose perspective in the moment Hateful glance, to hate when spoken Thoughts of what might happen Might just override this whole damn night Is that right?
I'm not nearly on your level Come meet me on the ground floor And when you get there will you hold the lift door And yes London is depressing Even on this summers day The suited men on scooters came and took all our joy away And maybe tomorrow we'll act on what we plan And maybe tomorrow we'll untie each other's hands I'm not nearly on your level But I feel closer than I was The last few months were tough but now we've cut the cause And London's still depressing Slightly less than yesterday Now we've escaped Those glassy eyesores saw us sun bathing in shade And maybe tomorrow we'll act on what we plan And maybe tomorrow we'll untie each other's hands And maybe tomorrow won't seem like quite so far And maybe tomorrow we will like who we are
Sink 03:26
A you I'd not seen before, climbed through the open door and nothing prepared for what was to be in store The panic upon your face took hold of your usual grace When asked for advice I couldn't find the words to say But there's no need to apologise for talking this way I just hope that you will be okay Since I'm always facing in Thought I understood the things that I'd need to hear when everythings about to sink And I'd not felt more powerless than what you said what you said I can't quite convey how much you mean to all of us There's a raincloud following us round Striking when we're least prepared Is there a way that I can explain how much those around you care?


released February 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Happy Accidents London, UK

Rich and Pheebs, Pheebs and Rich

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