Not Yet Jaded

by Happy Accidents

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This is our debut EP, Not Yet Jaded. It's got the 5 songs we've been playing since our first show.


released October 8, 2014

Neil, Phoebe, Rich



all rights reserved


Happy Accidents London, UK

Noisy pop thing from London.


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Track Name: Autopilot
Flies on walls would see nothing interesting if they came to my room. They may wish for their doom as an end to the monotony. Cause I just sit and read, sleep, eat, then repeat. Contemplate a life change, choose a path, set a date. Anything but today is within reach.

But the best people I know they don't think before they leap. Live on autopilot. Never doubt what they believe. But now everything I see is so contradictory. Only thing for certain is uncertainty.

So armed with that knowledge, lets go flick the switch. Yeh good times might unwind if we turn off our minds. See the worth when they say 'at least you tried'.
Track Name: Small Talk
Take a look and what do you see?
My response 'mediocrity'
Or I would but then I remind myself that there are times where its better to stay quiet.
So I smile and reply that it's awfully nice. Bordering on great.
And add one more face to the trophy case of fake friends I've made

Fancy running into you
Summarise what you now do
You ignore me I ignore you
We hear what we want to

And we've wasted all these hours contemplating april showers
as if we aint seen them before cause of talk of the weather I never seem to bore
and we share this mutual space because of lack of other choice
But rather than sit in silence I'll fill the empty void

And Im not saying its a complete waste of time
And theres probably some value in us all being polite
And maybe I'm the only one whos fighting the good fight towards having something real, rather than social landfill, and if so I'll keep my big mouth sealed.

You hope you see me soon.
Track Name: Nostalgia
Well sometimes I miss the days where we would sit out in the sun
We could talk our shit for hours, still had our uniforms on.
I knew all my thoughts were trivial, to some extent they still are
But that fact does not do much to re-assure

Now I try to live the same way
Try to revert to my youth
but pretendings not the same as being
No it dont come close
I know I've repressed the bad times too
and theres plenty of those
and although I do not look it I'm now grown

And I know
Those days are long gone and now only blurry memories live on
and the glow of better days is strong
If i say that nothings different then I'm wrong.

At the time theres always something to distract me from the bliss
ye you put a boy in paradise he'll shield himself from it
and so having trod through shit you couldnt pay me to again
cause all the friends who worth knowing are right here and we know...
Track Name: Look Up
Look up and see the giants
all of them are stood so tall and yet they mean fuck all
to me in all of their glory
you know I've been thinking this city aint for me

but I've found the code
it aint formed of squares and X and O's
To make our lives feel fast
stop caring now or just dont start

And im finally at the part where I pave my own path
For the first time everything is clear
Ye we can hear what we wanna hear
and I might go flip that stone unturned
And my best days may not all have passed
ye my adventures yet to start

Look up and think that they're all wrong
although the proof I got is just a 3 chord song
But sometimes thats all I really need to make a snap decision
and land me up shit creak
When I forget the code
Panic ensues and sense erodes
Till I recall the part
that says to stop caring or just dont start
Track Name: Canned Laughter
Compare my behind the scenes to your 'best of' clip show
So your great portrayal of happy is all I know
But the points that I dont know if that is all for show
The smiles and the eyes tell all that spy that your lifes alright
But you must love a whinge once in a while?

Yet you say to me
Stand up, you dont need a hand
Wise up, be a better man
Commit to plans
Yet I know
Your life aint as peachy as
all the big parades you've planned
your laughters canned

And despite what I base my perception upon
it would be nice to be told in the person I'm wrong
these are guessing games in my head
transferred to song

And I've been playing them daily
setting sail on these seas
going noewhere busting boat equivalent of wheelies
Far from the guilt free
You're telling me that I should...

And these thoughts are only fleeting but I'm bored
and you didn't even speak them
You're not involved
But in the back of my mind they ring out loud
Like swatting flies I crush the doubt
Theres no dirtier word than the word 'proud'.